Diverse set of workshops for organizational effectiveness


Effective communication builds relationships, diffuses conflict, motivates team members and strengthens workplaces. It is essential to a positive and productive work environment.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable, but conflict can be avoided or significantly reduced when individuals use the skills and techniques presented in this workshop. Learn about conflict styles and how to deal with each style.

Time Management

Time is a precious commodity in today’s workplace. Using it wisely
and effectively is more important than ever! Beyond being time organized, this workshop helps attendees prioritize activities based on their goals.


Motivating employees to work smarter and harder is a challenge facing managers across the globe. Both staff and managers can benefit from this training, and learn how to motivate themselves to make a more energetic work environment.

Leadership Skills

Successful leaders motivate and empower their staffs; they build positive work environments and delegate responsibility. Fast Track provides the tools managers and supervisors need to be supportive and successful leaders in their workplaces.

Team Building

Often, teams are made up of individuals working against each other rather than as a unified group. Fast Track workshops can help employees embrace the team concept, resolve conflicts, and plan and problem solve together. Work together, not against each other!


Does it ever feel like the only thing accomplished at a meeting is setting the date of the next meeting? Fast Track’s Meeting Design and Facilitation Workshops look at the various purposes for meetings and reveal how to engage participants while creating an active environment within the meetings themselves.

Public Speaking

Public speaking can often be one of the most stressful components of a person’s job. However, with the set of skills presented in this workshop, even the most reticent manager will feel comfortable before a crowd. This workshop teaches participants the process of designing and delivering a presentation from start to finish.

 About Tena Crosby

About Tena Crosby

Tena Crosby, President of Fast Track Communication, is a gifted speaker and workshop facilitator. Her skills as a trainer have been utilized by businesses in both the public and private sectors to enhance communication between employees, increase time management, decrease conflict and strengthen motivation and productivity. With over 20 years of employer-based training experience, Tena can design specific, customized courses to meet your organization’s needs. She also has a collection of standardized workshops to benefit your staff.